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We’ve changed history, and more

We’ve changed the History tab in Talentag with today’s release, I mean. It used to be you could only see the last thirty or so something lines of recent activity. The new one not only scrolls to infinity but allows you to sort history by everone’s, your friends’ and your own activity only.

Follow people that are not your ‘friends’

If you want to keep an eye on someone you have not friended on Facebook (or because you haven’t imported your friends list yet for one reason or another) you can now follow them on Talentag. This way their new tags and vouches shows up in your recent activity feed on Talentag and in the weekly email we’ve started to send around. Very much like with Twitter they may but don’t have to follow you back.

Small steps for human kind, giant leaps for Talentag

We’ve made numerous other tweaks and improvements. You can now:

  • Go to someone’s profile and see what tags and badges one has received or sent recently. This area is called Recent activity rather descriptively.
  • Go to your Settings page and customize how you and others are notified of your new tags or vouches. You can also change your name and such there.
  • Click on the small number next to  badge in someone’s profile and see who has been that generous person that sent it.
  • Use Talentag without experiencing some of the annoyances and bugs we’ve killed.
  • Delete your Talentag profile from the Settings page (with the side effect of making us here at the shiny Talentag towers very sad)

That’s it for this time. If you spot anything fishy or could really use a new feature, you know where to find us.


Co-founder and marketer at and Talentag, ex-Skype. I like kiteboarding, taking my kiteboarding gear to different continents and not losing my luggage.

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