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Awesome coverage and a standalone site for Talentag

It’s been good days (and some late evenings) here at the towers. The main piece of news is that we’ve opened Talentag as a standalone site, as opposed to Facebook app-only approach we had before. We did this so that we could guarantee better reliability and speed for our users. Facebook and its API are great but they don’t always guarantee the best app user experience for someone with hundreds of friends. Hence the standalone site, plus some tweaks and improvements. Enjoy.

And our big release didn’t go unnoticed. TechCrunch (yay!) sees as as follows:

Talentag features the recommendation element of LinkedIn but adds Foursquare-style badges and traditional tags as a fun and quick way of soliciting a ‘thumbs up’ from co-workers and friends. Recommendations don’t just operate as a popularity contest, however, but can be tied to actual work roles that the user has had. which is well-read by people in HR and recruiting added that:

Talentag is the online equivalent of the afterwork social hour; think of it as what LinkedIn would be if it was more like Facebook and less like, well, less like LinkedIn.

And both and Talentag were mentioned in Estonia’s own

The feedback wasn’t all pats on the back and hoorays, these bloggers rightly pointed out some concerns or shortcomings. We’re know that neither of the services is 100% ready and are busy going through and incorporating the accompanying feedback we’ve received. Keep it coming!


Co-founder and marketer at and Talentag, ex-Skype. I like kiteboarding, taking my kiteboarding gear to different continents and not losing my luggage.

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