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New features: Use Talentag to ask feedback and build your ‘crowd-sourced CV’

We’ve added a couple of nifty features to Talentag. In addition to badges you can now give and receive tags and vouches as well. For example, I could vouch my colleague Jüri in his role as the co-founder of Or I could tag it with words that relate very specifically to that role and not anything he has done before. This way you can use Talentag not only to ask feedback generally or regarding a particular role you’ve had but all this feedback builds up your crowd-sourced CV.

We’ve also made it easier to import your work history from LinkedIn. This is a good thing to do before you start asking feedback to your various roles.

Last but not least we’ve added a Friends tab that lets you see your Facebook friends in a way you probably haven’t seen before – through a professional lens. You can browse them by employers, job titles and of course by how much feedback they’ve received on Talentag.

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Co-founder and marketer at and Talentag, ex-Skype. I like kiteboarding, taking my kiteboarding gear to different continents and not losing my luggage.

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