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Introducing new profile design and Talentscore

We’ve made all Talentag users even more irresistable by redesigning how everyone’s profile looks. We had added features and profile elements over time and this meant that it was difficult to get a sense of someone at a first glance, which many of you pointed out as well (please, do keep the feedback coming).

So we redesigned the profile to show the most important things about you at the top area of the page. As you can see we’ve also added something called Talentscore, which is everything you’ve ever accomplished, done and tagged, manifested in one number. It looks at which tags you’ve received, from how many people, from who and about seven other things. Why not go see what’d you Talentscore? See your profile.


Co-founder and marketer at and Talentag, ex-Skype. I like kiteboarding, taking my kiteboarding gear to different continents and not losing my luggage.

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How does Emply work?

Good candidates are always hard to find because they are not actively browsing job boards. Social networks are much better for reaching the best people. Emply lets you post job ads easily and add incentives for people in your networks to spread the word, a sweepstake of Amazon gift cards among everyone that retweeted or shared your job posting, for example.

Who is Emply for?

Emply is used by small and medium businesses who want to hire the best but can't always afford to hire a full-service recruiter. These companies usually have reasonable social media presence, Emply just adds the automated incentives engine and sharing stats. The result is your job posting seen by more passive candidates you can dream of.

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