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The gift or using Premium for free

We know finding good people can be a bit tricky at times. We also know that money is tight in this economy, especially for startups – this is why we launched in the first place. And this is why we’d like to allow small companies and startups use Premium for free. Not only makes it super easy to post jobs onto social networks and see sharing stats, it also provides an incentive for people to spread the word.

So if you have an opening we’d like to offer you one $10 Amazon gift gard that will be raffled among everyone that shares and/or retweets your job posting.’s cutting edge analytics and lottery engine will also be free as part of the trial. Sign up for the free trial.

PS. We’d like to offer this to as many startups as possible but due to budget constraints we have to be somewhat selective. We’ll send access to 10 first and hand pick from there on. So please don’t get mad if we won’t be able to send you the beta link right away or at all.


Co-founder and marketer at and Talentag, ex-Skype. I like kiteboarding, taking my kiteboarding gear to different continents and not losing my luggage.

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How does Emply work?

Good candidates are always hard to find because they are not actively browsing job boards. Social networks are much better for reaching the best people. Emply lets you post job ads easily and add incentives for people in your networks to spread the word, a sweepstake of Amazon gift cards among everyone that retweeted or shared your job posting, for example.

Who is Emply for?

Emply is used by small and medium businesses who want to hire the best but can't always afford to hire a full-service recruiter. These companies usually have reasonable social media presence, Emply just adds the automated incentives engine and sharing stats. The result is your job posting seen by more passive candidates you can dream of.

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